Getting My Mojo Back with Zarbee’s

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(This post is sponsored by Zarbees however all opinions are my own)


Thank you all for your kind words and comments on my post yesterday. I mentioned that I have been feeling a little run down and just not myself the past few weeks. I think it’s a combination of of post race blah, missing my daughter, and the start of allergy season again. All of this has left me feeling a little tired and unmotivated.



The chance to try out Zarbees could not have come at a better time for me. I am not usually a supplement person, however I have been drinking these vitamin drinks the past week and really enjoying them. How are they different?

What do I like?

  • Zarbee’s can be mixed with hot or cold water depending on the blend
  • They can be enjoyed daily
  • They are made with natural flavors & sweeteners (Stevia leaf)
  • They are gluten free & do not contain any drugs or alcohol
  • They feature natural ingredients like chicory root, ginger, chamomile & honey
  • Zarbee’s are available exclusively at Target as part of the “Made to Matter” program-found in the cough aisle (source


My favorite so far-

I’ve mixed the Orange flavored Multivitamin with Prebiotic into my water bottle and taken it to the gym a few times this week. I really like the subtle hint of orange and honey. The mixed berry Multivitamin with Antioxidants has a very understated berry flavor. I prefer drinks like this that do not have an artificially sweet taste or a grainy texture at all.

Zarbee's|review|vitamin drink

Zarbee’s are available exclusively at Target in the cough syrup aisle and are on sale for $4 off through the end of September. Find out more about all the products & ingredients here.

We all need a little natural pick me up from time to time. I am hoping I am on my way to getting my mojo back soon. I miss it!

How do you find your Mojo again? Tips?





Reset & Refocus September

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Happy September everyone!


With the start of the school  year, comes a natural time to think about clean slates and fresh starts. New books, pens & calendars are waiting to be filled in. We’ve had kind of a busy, stressful summer which has left me feeling a little out of sorts and unmotivated the past few weeks. I am thinking September is the perfect time to reset & refocus my own goals.



You perhaps saw the photos and heard me talk a lot about my daughter going off to college. I am so so happy for her and I know she is loving it there but I really miss her terribly. It is really strange not knowing if she is safe and sound every night. I know these are normal feelings to have and it will get easier. I also know that my job as a parent was to raise her to be successful and go off on her own and I am so proud to see that happen. It’s just hard.

Goal: Realize that with time this will get easier. All parents go through this. Figure out how to channel these feelings into something positive.


iron girl|triathlon

I was so focused on my tri training this summer and loved having a training plan in place requiring lots of bike/run workouts as well as long swims. I absolutely loved training with my friends each week. I even loved those brick workouts and felt a real sense of accomplishment each time we completed one.

Finish line|Reston Sprint|Tri|strong|caltrate3in1

Ever since the race (3 weeks ago), I almost feel sad that it is over. I miss the focus of our training and I miss the daily chats about the race. I definitely feel a void where that was and a boredom with my regular workouts. I sometimes feel like I am just going through the motions.

Goal:  Try adding in some new classes or exercises into my routine. Plan my fall race schedule! (Check back Friday for that)


Doing long bike rides and swims made me starving all the time and also gave me the excuse to be a little more lax about my eating. Now that I am not exercising as much I need to reign in the chocolate eating. I don’t weigh myself anymore (and haven’t in over 2 years) but I just feel kind of blah.

During the summer, we are more laid back about our schedule and have been eating a lot later. I’ve also not been as structured on my meal planning. This also gives me a little extra stress.

Goal: Get back to my regular eating schedule and meal planning. Not giving up the chocolate though. Keep cooking up fun, new recipes for the blog.

Ok so hopefully I don’t sound like a total basket case today! Thanks for listening and reading friends. So tell me…

Do you feel sad after a big race or project? Have your kids gone off to college? Do you reset in September?

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Eggplant “Meatball” Gyros

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Happy  Meatless Monday everyone! Wow is it really the end of August already? Almost time to start thinking about fall favorites but for now I am continuing to enjoy all the summer goodness. Please join Tina and I for this week’s Meatless Monday linkup.

Meatless Monday|Linkup| Tina Muir|Confessions of a Mother Runner

Okay, so I never did grow my own garden this year but luckily my good friend, Lori, did! She is quite the green thumb and shared this bounty of fresh eggplant with me and challenged me to create something even a non eggplant eater would love.


Challenge accepted! These Eggplant “Meatball” Gyros were the bomb! They are easy to make but oh so satisfying. Friendly to vegetarians & vegans and those who are gluten free. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Eggplant “Meatball” Gyros

Eggplant “Meatball” Gyros


  • 2 lbs of eggplant-diced with skin on
  • 1 C mushrooms
  • 1 C Cannelli Beans
  • 1 C Panko Bread Crumbs (or GF Panko)
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • handful of fresh parsley
  • salt, pepper, basil, oregano, chili flakes
  • 1 Tbl Schug (jalapeno pepper spread)-optional
  • cooking spray
  • Condiments for Gyro: diced cucumber, tomato, Tzatziki, pita


  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. place eggplant, garlic, mushrooms on baking sheet & toss with olive oil
  3. Sprinkle with salt & pepper
  4. Roast for 15-20 m until eggplant is soft
  5. Remove from heat & add to food processor with Cannelli beans
  6. Add parsley, oregano, chili, basil & schug
  7. Pulse until combined leaving chunks without pureeing
  8. Transfer to bowl & gentle mix in bread crumbs
  9. Form into about 12 meatballs
  10. Return the eggplant balls to the baking sheet and coat with cooking spray
  11. Bake 30 min-turning halfway
  12. Serve warm inside of a pita with tomatoes, cucumbers and Tzatziki yogurt
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 I loved this Eggplant and I know I will be making it often. Thanks again to my friend Lori for sharing her bounty with me.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy eggplant?

August Bulu Box-What’s Inside?

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Who doesn’t love to get presents in the mail each month? I know I do. I’ve tried a few subscription boxes the past few years. Some I love (Pop Sugar Must Have) and some are just ok. I was excited when I was sent this Bulu Box from Sweat Pink.

bulu box|August|review

(I was provided a Bulu Box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are, as always, my own.)

How does it work?

Each month you receive a box of  4-5 samples of fitness, health or nutrition related products. The idea is that the sample size will give you a “taste” of the product so that you can decide whether it’s something you might like to purchase. You are then able to purchase full size products on the Bulu site and accrue points that you can use for future merchandise.

Here’s what came in my box:

BuLu Box|review|August

I was most excited to try the Quest Protein Powder and the Movit Energy Gummies.

Quest|protein powder|vanilla Milkshake

I am not a big protein powder person mostly because I find them really bad tasting. I had seen a couple of other bloggers talk about their love for Quest so when I discovered it in the box, I was eager to give it a try. I received the Vanilla Milkshake flavor. I did not see any instructions of the back of the package of how much liquid to add so I guessed and added 8 ounces of skim milk and shook it up. I was pleasantly surprised that honestly it tasted like a vanilla milkshake! I did not experience any of the mealy, gritty taste that I’ve found with some other powders. I like that it is available in single serve packs for convenience.

The Quest package has 100 calories with less than 1 gram of sugar and 22 grams of protein.Would I try it again? Yes!

Movit Energy Chews|Bulu box|review

I am very picky about the fuel I use on my runs and bike rides. I prefer the chews or blocks over gels purely because of texture. I was excited to see there was a pack of Movit Energy Gummies in the box. I’ve never seen them before and decided to take them onto my run.

The texture was similar to that of a gummy bear so if you like those, you will like Movit Gummies. The citrus flavor was mild and pleasant.  Movit Gummies have 60 calories per serving with added CoQ10 and folic acid (not commonly found in other energy chews).

I love having the opportunity to test out products in small quantities before committing to buying them. If you like to do that as well, you can get 50% off of a 3 month subscription with code: SWEATPINK here.

Note: When you sign up for a subscription you are able to fill out a survey so that they can match up products that you are most interested in.

(This post contains affiliate links.)

Do you subscribe to a monthly box? Have you tried Bulu Box?

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My First Client!~ The Husband Project

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A few months ago I completed the RRCA course and became a Certified Running Coach. Aside from coaching Girls on The Run, I really had no idea what I would do with it. As a Chapter Leader for MRTT, members are often asking me questions and I figured it would be great to have some solid knowledge to give out. coaching|husband|client|5k|runningThen, the other night in a moment of weakness, I somehow convinced my husband to be my first client! Ok just for some background, my hubs hates running in fact I think he hates all exercise. He has always been very supportive of my fitness endeavors but has not hidden the fact that he pretty much thinks my friends and I are all nuts. He never understands why we wake up early on weekends to train and race when we could be sleeping. At the same time, he truly admires my dedication and determination.

I gently reminded him the other night that he has a big milestone birthday coming up mid-November and “wouldn’t it be great if he got in shape and did a 5k?” (As you can probably imagine, I’ve mentioned this a few hundred times before) I must have caught him at a weak moment because he agreed to let me train him!

 I am so excited that we will be doing the Jingle all The Way 5k together December 6th! It’s a fun festive race that lots of families do together and I am going to love doing it with him and my son. Last year, my son joined me & my MRTT crew for the race.

jingle all the way 5k|DC|running|races|pacesetter skirt

Jingle all the way|Pacers|5K

Run Pacers

I am resisting the urge to go hard core, all in with him because I know that will turn him off. Instead, I am drawing on my past clinical social work skills as well as my RRCA training and starting where my client is. My “client” has not done anything in the way of exercise for a long time.

I’ve devised a couch to 5k plan for him which I will be modifying as we go along based on his progress and motivation.We have 14 weeks until the 5k so plenty of time to take it slow and steady.  We are starting with lots of walking mixed in with short run intervals.

I am planning on a 4 day a week schedule with the opportunity to add in extra days.


Day 1

5 minutes of walking warm up, 2 minutes of running, 5 minutes of walking

This was definitely not at all challenging but I really want to start off slowly so he feels encouraged and I don’t lose him.

The next day was supposed to be an off day however, he came home and said he wanted to run again. YES!!


Day 2

5 minutes walking warm up, 3 1/2 minutes of running, 5 minutes cool down. He clearly didn’t find it too taxing but I still think starting slow is the way to go.

Still smiling so that’s plus!


I am trying to contain my excitement but I am really optimistic. I hope, in the end, he enjoys it and feels a sense of accomplishment when we all cross the finish line together.

I will be updating his progress next month to fill you in on how I am doing as a coach.

Have you ever trained or been trained by your spouse? How did it go?

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Grilled Peach Summer Slaw

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Happy Meatless Monday! I am so excited to have my co-host Tina back with me today.

Meatless Monday|Linkup| Tina Muir|Confessions of a Mother Runner

I couldn’t let summer slip away without just one more salad recipe. The peaches are so good this summer that I knew I wanted to do something with them. Today, I’ve changed up my usual cole slaw recipe and added in some wonderful grilled peaches. Amazing!! Hope you enjoy this Grilled Peach Summer Slaw.

Griled Peach Slaw|salad|vegetarian|meatless Monday

Not only was this salad so easy to make, it is also:




-gluten free

5.0 from 1 reviews
Grilled Peach Summer Slaw
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Perfect summer salad featuring grilled peaches
Recipe type: salad, side
Serves: 4-6
  • For the salad:
  • 3 cups of shredded cabbage (red or green)
  • 3 cups of broccoli slaw or shredded brussels sprouts
  • 2-3 fresh peaches cut in half
  • ¾ C slivered almonds
  • olive oil
  • Dressing:
  • ¼ c sesame oil
  • ½ c rice vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  1. Pre heat grill and lightly brush peaches with olive oil to prevent sticking
  2. Grill for about 3-4 minutes on each side to obtain grill marks
  3. Remove from heat and allow to cool
  4. Assemble salad in a large bowl adding almonds
  5. Combine sesame oil, vinegar & honey and drizzle over top of slaw
  6. Slice peaches and add on top


 So simple yet so good! The perfect salad for the end of summer.

What do you like to do with Grilled Fruit?




5 Things I’ll be Doing in 5 Years

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This sounded like a fun Friday Five post to write! I haven’t really thought about this at all really but here goes:

5 things I'll be Doing in 5 years

1.  Turning 50!?

Ok wow I will be turning the big 5-0 in 5 years. Yikes that sounds really old doesn’t it? But 50 is the new 40 right?


2. Becoming an Empty Nester

I just dropped my daughter off at college yesterday and in five years my son will be in college and we will be empty nesters. That sounds very surreal just to type. I am in no way ready for that to happen.


3. Traveling the world with my husband?

Maybe! We always talk about renting a villa in Italy somewhere for a month and living like the locals. I would have so much fun going to Italian markets and dreaming up new ways to cook fabulous Meatless Monday recipes for you all.


4. Still be running, tri-ing & Coaching?

I hope to still be running, biking and swimming in a forward direction. I’d love to still be coaching Girls On The Run and maybe do something else with my RRCA certification. I have no idea what I’d like to do with it right now.


I know I will still be involved with Moms Run This Town. The last 2 1/2 years have been amazing and life changing as you have seen me write about often. I can’t even imagine how incredible our running community will be 5 years from now.

Who really knows what will be happening 5 years from now?  5 years ago I never would have imagined doing most of the things I am now.  I didn’t even know what blogging was 5 years ago, never thought I would ever have started my own running group or began my involvement with Girls on The Run. I am really excited to see what the future brings (except for maybe the turning 50 part ).


What do you think you will be doing in 5 years? What should I do that’s not on my list?

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I’m an Iron Girl

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’ve been training for the Iron Girl Triathlon all spring and summer. I did my first tri and my first Iron Girl 9 years ago and was hooked on tri races. I participated in a few a year for the next 5 years. I then decided to take a hiatus from tri races and focus on running longer distance racing. This past winter, I got the bug and decided I was ready to “Tri” again.

I roped a couple of MRTT friends into joining me for a warm up tri back in June and they were hooked.

Finish line|Reston Sprint|Tri|strong|caltrate3in1

We spent most of the summer biking, swimming and running. All of us really enjoyed training together and made it much more fun to work out during this very hot summer. I actually started to look forward to our bike/run brick days.

Fast forward-Race weekend is finally here! I tend to get so nervous before races and this time was no different. I especially stress about the swim. I’ve been working so hard on my swimming this summer however all of my swimming takes place in a pool. This race has an open water swim. And it’s been 5 years since I’ve swam in a lake!

My friend Holly and I headed to the race packet pick up. The expo was surprisingly small for a race of over 2000 women. We had some fun with the photo booths and loved the nice pink swag bag.

Iron girl|packet pick upIron girl swag|triathlon

We headed over to Centennial Park in Columbia, Maryland to rack our bikes and get a sense of the swim course and transition area. Yup the swim still freaks me out a little (or a lot).

IMG_7755Iron Girl| swim startIron Girl

Race morning is here! Alarms go off at 4:45 as we need to be at the race venue by 5:30 (why do they need to start these things so darn early?!) It is still pretty dark out but the transition is lit up very well. We easily find our bike racking area and set up our transition gear.  Lots of volunteers were present to do body marking. Who else loves having their age written on their calf?

Iron Girl|transition gear IMG_7767IMG_7771

My friend, Holly, is seriously cool as a cucumber. I’ve never seen her nervous. She has lots of experience with open water swims and that is certainly her strength. She knew how nervous the lake made me and she tried to give me a pep talk and a plan of attack. We had about an hour to stand around and watch the other waves go off. This should have calmed my nerves but it really just made me more nervous.

Finally time for the swim! Holly was off like a pro and I quickly lost sight of her. I really was disappointed in my swim performance. I have been swimming a lot this summer but for some reason my plan just went out the window as soon as I hit the water. I started doing lots of breast stroke which is super slow. I tried to talk myself out of my silly fears of the lake but I really had a hard time finding my rhythm. Ok swim done and ready to tackle the bike.

I must have been a little discombobulated because I ended up with only 1 bike glove on and it was backwards. What? The bike course is ridiculously hilly but so beautiful out in the country. It always feels like there are so many more up hills than down hills doesn’t it?

I felt pretty good on the bike. Tired legs but felt as though I gave it my all that day. T2 went pretty well. Time to run! I knew the run was hilly and I really felt it after that bike ride. It was getting pretty hot by this time and I was glad to see bags of ice for us to grab along the run.

My run felt harder than it had during my last few training bricks but I knew the end was near. Coming around the lake and hearing everyone cheering, gave me a little boost. I was glad to see that finish line! This race was a lot harder than I remembered 5 years ago but just as rewarding to cross the finish.

Iron Girl finish lineIMG_7775

My overall finish time was pretty close to my time 5 years ago but I know that I can do better on that swim and definitely on the bike. Something to work on for next year because I certainly have the tri bug again. Feels good to be an Iron Girl!

Iron girl|finisher medal

I know this was a little long! Thanks for reading :)

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Summer Veggie Lentil Loaf

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Happy Meatless Monday veggie lovers! With Tina off and enjoying her first few weeks of marriage, I have Lisa from Run Wiki joining me as co host today. Please remember to visit her blog today too!

Meatless Monday|Linkup| Tina Muir|Confessions of a Mother Runner

I’ve been wanting to make a lentil loaf for a while so with all of the great summer veggies that are out, I thought it the perfect time to give it a go. I like to think of it as a Vegetarian Meatloaf of sorts.

Lentils are a powerhouse in the nutrition world. They are a great source of protein,iron, folate & magnesium all of which can be hard for vegetarians to get into their diets. Lentils are low in calories and are thought to reduce cholesterol levels. In addition, lentils are a complex carb with soluable fiber believed to help stabilize blood sugar levels. So why aren’t you eating more lentils?

Lentil loaf|vegetarian|plant based|protein|Meatless Monday

I took some super sweet corn and zucchini and used those to flavor and color my lentil loaf. You could easily use mushrooms or squash or whatever veggies you have around. For the lentils, I find it’s easier to use canned or pre packaged lentils rather than soaking them but either way works. If using canned, I rinse and drain first.

lentil loaf|vegetarian|protein

It smelled so good while it was cooking!

5.0 from 2 reviews
Summer Veggie Lentil Loaf
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Protein packed lentils and summer veggies make this lentil loaf a nutritional powerhouse. Super satisfying and healthy dinner.
Recipe type: Dinner
Serves: 4
  • 4 C of cooked lentils-drained & rinsed
  • 1 C fresh corn
  • 1 zucchini-diced
  • ½ onion-chopped
  • 1 egg
  • ¾ c bread crumbs or GF sub
  • salt, pepper, oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme to taste
  • 1½ C of your favorite BBQ sauce (I used Spicy Stubbs)
  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. Add lentils to a mixing bowl and gently mash with a fork until smooth
  3. Add corn, zucchini, onion and combine
  4. Add egg and spices and ½ C of BBQ sauce
  5. Gently fold in bread crumbs to combine
  6. Coat a casserole dish with non stick spray (can also use a loaf pan)
  7. Transfer lentil mixture to casserole and form into loaf
  8. Pour on remaining BBQ sauce to cover
  9. Bake for 45m until golden brown
  10. Allow to rest 5 min before slicing into pieces


 This was a really satisfying and filling dinner with lots of healthy carbs and protein. Hope you give it a try and enjoy!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy lentils?

5 Things You Should Never Do Before A Race

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 5 Things you Should never do before a race

With my goal race coming up this weekend, I’ve given lots of thought to my race day plans and anxiety (here) and some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I’ve actually done all of these things on my list at some point even though I knew it was a bad idea. Hope these tips help you avoid making some of the same mistakes I’ve made.

1. Do not try to cram in any missed workout from previous weeks

I have done this a few times. Not a good idea to go into your race sore and tired.

2. Do not try any new workouts

-Resist the urge to visit that cool new workout spot that just opened up.

3.  Do not completely change your eating regimen or try new hydration or nutrition techniques

-They give out lots of sample at the race expo and this is not the time to try them!

4. Do not try to break in new shoes or try new workout clothes.

-Blisters and chafing are not good race day additions.

5. Do not completely second guess your whole training plan.

Oh yea been there done that too.

What Race Day mistakes have you made?

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